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This guy wanted advice on how to become "more than friends" with his friend. It ended quick.
Just Infected: I can offer advice. I'm pretty skilled in this area.
KeRoSiNe MoNkEy: go ahead
Just Infected: Well, first, what kind of girl is she?
KeRoSiNe MoNkEy: what do u mean
KeRoSiNe MoNkEy: she likes to party i.e. beer and occasional bowl or blunt
Just Infected: Well, it's obvious what you gotta do.
KeRoSiNe MoNkEy: dont say get her drunk or stoned
Just Infected: Next time she gets a little drunk and high, just flip her over and fuck her brains out.
Just Infected: Trust me, she'll thank you in the morning.
KeRoSiNe MoNkEy: ya, no,
KeRoSiNe MoNkEy: bye
Just Infected: Then you'll have a long life of child support to go, 'cause you'll break up.
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This girl was just asking for it.
Just Infected: hey. im 16 and from wi too.
BtVS324: cool, where?
Just Infected: the milwuakee area.
Just Infected: kind of south of there.
BtVS324: i c
BtVS324: pic?
Just Infected: if i can find it but it might be on my other computer lol.
BtVS324: lol okay
Just Infected: :-( im still looking
BtVS324: lol take ur time
Just Infected: i dunno where it is but anyways where do you live in wi?
BtVS324: by la crosse
Just Infected: oh i drove through there on a road trip one time w/ my family.
BtVS324: was it fun.. theres not much here
Just Infected: we stopped on the highway to change a flat and a semi truck slammed into our car and the insurance company didnt pay for it.
Just Infected: i stabbed the guy who hit our car and spent a year in juvenile hall.
BtVS324: for real? so ur a bad boy
Just Infected: yes i am. i carry my 35 ss everywhere i go. P.S. SS stands for Super Soaker.
BtVS324: i c
Just Infected: but dont wory im not chanelling my anger to humans n e more.
Just Infected: its mostly trees and couches.
BtVS324: thats good
Just Infected: hitting things turns me on, too. so i try to do it as often as possible.
BtVS324: i'm not sure thats a good thing
Just Infected: youre telling me. i get a boner in the weirdest places. like at my uncles funeral, i had to go into the back room and have my aunt relieve me. it was embarassing.
BtVS324: yeah that's messed up
Just Infected: but thats okay i still like the girls lol.
BtVS324: lol
Just Infected: damn see now i got one again. i gotta rub one off. wanna help?
BtVS324: no not really
Just Infected: yeah you do. thats what girls were made for.
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This was a 16/m/Ca with self nudes. Oh boy.
Just Infected: hey baby 16/f/ca here
SxyPimp610: hey baby pic?
Just Infected: no not yet my bro got my camera but ima get it back in one hour so ill take one then
SxyPimp610: well you got a phone?
Just Infected: ya but you cant have that yet :-*
SxyPimp610: what do i have to do to get it?
Just Infected: well i dunno tell me allllll about yourself baby
Just Infected: come on plz im so horny
SxyPimp610: 5 ll brown hair blue eyes work out play football and baseball drive a 5 spd red mustang 7in long. lol what else... im just wearin boxers and i really wanna take them off
SxyPimp610: how bout u?
Just Infected: well im 5 2 i got black shoulder length hair and alittle bit of acne but thats okay and im in some boxers to lol
Just Infected: but i wanna take mine off
SxyPimp610: wut else?
Just Infected: thats all im dressed in
SxyPimp610: well wut size r ur boobs?
Just Infected: 36 c
SxyPimp610: pussy nice?
Just Infected: well see thats the thing
Just Infected: i was also born with a penis but i am still a girl
Just Infected: if it turns you on any i also fuck girls too
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