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Mike told this person that Dannit and I were girls who were in love with them. Yeah.

BeastBoy132008: who are u
BeastBoy132008: hello
BeastBoy132008: hello
InsaneRemnant: o_o
InsaneRemnant: Dannits or Mikes need not apply.
BeastBoy132008: some kid said tthat u liked me

InsaneRemnant: Yes, I'm afraid I'm deeply in love with you.
BeastBoy132008: who are u
InsaneRemnant: I'm the letter between t and v.
InsaneRemnant: Yes.
BeastBoy132008: u
BeastBoy132008: The last message was not sent because you are over the rate limit. Please wait until sending is re-enabled and send the message again.

InsaneRemnant: No
InsaneRemnant: Er.. there's also AOL, you know.
InsaneRemnant: And cheese.
InsaneRemnant: And dirty diapers. Yep, dirty diapers.
InsaneRemnant: That's how much I love you.
BeastBoy132008: bitch
InsaneRemnant: Oh, yes. I want to be your bitch.
InsaneRemnant: Do me right in the butt.
InsaneRemnant: Oh yes.
InsaneRemnant: Bybus Slago's the one who really likes you.
InsaneRemnant: She's playing some weird game.
BeastBoy132008: whos that
InsaneRemnant: The one who told you we liked you.
InsaneRemnant: Please, go talk to her about this, she got me in trouble. :-(
BeastBoy132008: whats her name
InsaneRemnant: Michelle
BeastBoy132008: ok sorry
BeastBoy132008: a/s/l
BeastBoy132008: brb
InsaneRemnant: Sry, gtg. Parents.
BeastBoy132008 signed off at 04:20:15 AM.
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